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One-on-One Tibetan Bowls Session Online

Wherever You are, find a time and space for your own relaxation.

  • 1 hour

Service Description

You might think "online session' doesn't go well , but let me please surprise You. We are all in one big energy field, where the vibrations go through all the transmitters, bouncing off the walls and finding the way to harmonize and balance your physical, emotional and subtle body. During the online session you can be at your favourite place, in your saloon, around the fire place, taking a hot bath or sink your body in jacuzzi, lay down in your bed, or on the blanket around your finest flowers, or any other place in the nature. While listening to the sounds through the headphones or laud via speaker, feeling the vibrations all around. Light up the candle or incense. Remember to make yourself comfortable with handy blankets and pillows. Lay down in Shavasana - on your back or take any other position that feels good for you. Please, during the session do everything that resonate best with You :)

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