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 Tibetan Bowls Sessions

At a deeper level of the mind, where there is no disturbance, destruction, where our mind is free and harmonic, calm sounds transmitted by our vibrations and synchronizing with us put us in a perfect state of resonance.

Sounds and vibrations:

●  relax, putting us into a state of deep meditation

●  release physical, mental and emotional tension

●  they open and improve the work of all systems in our body (muscular, skeletal, digestive,

respiratory, circulatory, nervous, urinary, endocrine and lymphatic systems)

●  cleanse the body of all blockages

●  they reduce pain

●  regulate blood sugar levels

●  lower blood pressure

●  improve sleep

●  rejuvenate

●  increase the flow of all energy in the body

●  release energy so that it is free and flows with its help "flow"

After the sound bath of Tibetan bowls journey, everyday in your life you will be able to observe the beginning of the Miracle Phenomenon ;) enjoy it !

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